Why the Security Industry Should Embrace the Millennial Workforce

by Noel Glacer, CEO & Founder of Security Division, Recruit Group

Technology is driving massive changes in the security industry. From 24/7 surveillance via mobile apps to integrated software-based security solutions to surveillance drones, security measures have evolved far beyond the traditional burglar and fire alarm.

This technology push isn’t just changing the nature of security solutions, it is also contributing to changes in the makeup of the industry. For example:

Customers expect more, too. Now corporations, government agencies, small businesses and even homeowners want to be able to use technology to monitor their properties more effectively than ever before. And, of course, there is data security and every company’s duty to keep its employees and customers safe, online and off.

The companies that can keep up with these changes are the ones that will continue to thrive. It doesn’t matter if you are a local operation, a regional business, or a Fortune 500 company – you have to evolve with technology.

That is where millennial talent comes in. I don’t usually buy into all this millennial talk. I have read too many articles by people complaining about this generation—that they expect too much, for example.

I can’t make sweeping generalizations about an entire demographic. I have spoken to too many young professionals to do that. Some millennial candidates are stronger than others, but that can be said of any generation.

I am a recruiter. My job is to find A-type talent. It doesn’t matter if an individual is a millennial or a baby boomer, as long as they are exceptional. I ask all candidates the same questions, and I hold everyone to the same set of standards. I stay open-minded, and I advise hiring companies to do the same. Look for someone with strong character and proven ability. It doesn’t matter if they have been in the workforce for three years or 30—they should have documented successes to share that illustrate their value.

Preconceived notions can stop companies from recruiting the type of talent they really need. Here is where I will make a bit of a generalization – millennials are tech-savvy! Commonly referred to as “digital natives,” and rightly so, they tend to have a deeper understanding of digital channels and the ways in which customer expectations, communication and marketing have evolved.

Today’s graduates are leaving school with more technology knowledge than older generations. My 16-year-old son is already writing code, and his friends do the same. Think of how much value these kids can bring to a company in 10 years or so.

How to Attract Tech-Savvy Talent

My clients range from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar global organizations. When it comes to attracting young talent, size doesn’t matter. The first step is recognizing the value of a tech-savvy hire. Then you need to find them. You can try college job fairs, online job postings or working with recruiters in your space. Next, convince them that your business can provide the company culture, growth and compensation they are looking for.

In my experience, one of the most valuable hires I can deliver for a growing security company is a tech-literate talent with three to five years of experience. I call these hires diamonds in the rough. They are hungry for growth but not entirely green. There is still so much the right company can teach them, and they have so much to offer to the right company.

Let’s face it, we will always need security companies, just as we will always need health care providers. From a tech standpoint, solutions will continue to change and improve. These advancements are not possible without the right people. Security industry players should embrace millennial talent – it is this tech prowess that will help them innovate, grow and keep up and compete in the fast-changing security landscape.

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